Battcar adaptors and spare parts

SKU: RU-1530-03

Item #: 1530-03


Forks and bolts adaptors in Marine grade stainless Steel for replacement on battcar.

Item # Description
1530-03 Adaptors with swivel fork
1530-05 Adaptors w/ M10 thread for 1530
1530-09 Adaptors w/ M10 Extended thread for 1530
1530-10 Rod pins Stainless Steel
1530-15 Adaptor with fork (no swivel)
1535-05 Adaptor w/ M10 thread for 1535
1535-09 Adaptor w/ M10 Extended thread for 1535
1540-05 Adaptors M12 SS thread

NOTE: Sold in pack of 4 units

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