Industrial Super Ring

SKU: RU-1005-10

Duty: Standard
Size: 10mm


Productive industrial application

Its design offer the strength and an unsurpassed grip on the cloth that makes the Super Ring perfect not only for sails but all kinds of heavy duty cloth and can be applied in the toughest industrial conditions. Outside the global marine market; this product is used for covers; architectural structures; off -shore business; parachutes; tents etc.

It is a productive solution as it can be pressed directly on to the cloth. There is no cutting; sowing; webbing; taping or other action needed; simply punch an hole and press in the ring.

Eyelets are made with unpolished stainless steel refined in a complex system of forming and blanking dies.
The teeth penetrate easily without damaging the surrounding cloth.
Teeth are evenly spaced to provide maximum holding as they bend uniformly.

Rings are packed in box of 500 sets (exception for SR35 which comes in box of 250)

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