Aluminium Batten Receptacle

SKU: RU-1601

Batten Size: 25 x 10 / Dia.16
Battcar Thread: M10
Material: Stainless


Aluminum Receptacles are developed for big boats and high loads; with the largest model suitable for boats up to 90ft monohull and 80ft multihull.

The design is clean; with no screws or sharp edges.

These receptacles can be used with both round and flat battens; and no tools are required to open the lid.

You simply press the button and slide off the lid whenever you need to insert or remove a batten.

The tensioning can easily be adjusted; and the lid has a window to track of the trim.

They are made of black anodized aluminum and stainless steel; and can be ordered with titanium screws for carbon fiber sails.

Sold individually.

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