Roller Battens

SKU: RU-3141-030

Strength: Standard
Dimensions: 40x300mm


Roller battens as a solution to furling sails

This innovation from Rutgerson has an extensive range of sizes.

The roller batten rolls up smoothly on the furling system and allows the boat owner to us e a roller furl cover.

It can also be used in furling mainsails. There are two versions; standard and reinforced.

The reinforced battens will be indicated with an ”R”.

The core consists of two curved battens made of Swedish stainless steel and the reinforced version has four curved battens for a stronger and stiffer result. Stainless steel is the optimal material for this purpose but like all materials; it has a limit.

The material allows the batten to bend but if the product is used incorrectly and the batten is bent to a radius smaller than of approximately 50mm; the product cannot recover and it will be permanently bent.

Make sure not to bend the batten to a radius smaller than 50mm.

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