SKU: HA-HT94016

Model: HT94016


The larger diameter drum means more traction on the rope and more efficiency in self-tailing. Larger internal body diameter allows the use of aluminium and thinner walls resulting in a much lighter part.

Low profile and less weight. Self tailing and self-adjusting for a variety of rope diameters.

Off-centre axle means more space for gears. This is a plus in high-load action and even allows the use of a shorter handle in lighter winds.


Drum Dia. Base Dia. Height  Line Size
HT94016 94 140 130 6-10
HT94040 95 146 151 8-12
HT94044 114 168 172 8-12
HT94048 115 188 182 8-12
HT94054 158 215 210 10-14

 NOTE: Dimensions in millimeters


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